Monday, July 23, 2012

Did You know? Teddy Bears

Did you know?
 Do you have a Teddy Bear in your collection? It is
interesting how they became known as Teddy Bears. The name comes
from a cartoon in the Washington Post depicting a bear and then
President Theodore Roosevelt in the woods in hunting gear with a
large gun and a bear tied up. The president who was called
Teddy refused to shoot the bear. Clifford K. Berryman a political
cartoonist drew the cartoon and it was used as Roosevelt's
mascot in his next campaign for president. Because of the close association
of President Roosevelt (Teddy) to the bear, all toy bears were
there after called Teddy. The first toy bears were designed by Morris
Michtom who's business later became Ideal Novelty Toy Company.
About the same time in Germany the Steiff Company founder had her nephew
make a toy bear for the Leipiz Toy Fair. In just a few years that
company had made nearly one million bears.  Bears even today remain
a very popular collectible with many selling for hundreds of dollars and
antique bears can sell for thousands.  


  1. Love teddy bears! My collection got so big it was taking over the house. I no longer actively collect them, but if I find an antique mohair one for a good price, I'll get it. The old ones are my favorites.

  2. I love the old bears too