Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Help To Identify Barbie Age - Maybe

On the back of the Mattel Barbie and Barbie family of dolls is always listed a country.  The country listed is the country the doll is manufactured in.  The first dolls would have been made in Japan.  Below is a chart of countries and the years of manufacture in that country:

1959 - 1972          Japan
1968 - 1970          Mexico
1970 - 1987          Hong Kong
1970 - 1987          Taiwan
1973 - 1978          Korea
1978 - 1988          Philippines
1989 - 1990          Mexico
1986 to present     China
1986 to present     Malaysia
1992 to present     Indonesia

I had a very good friend that was also a doll dealer.  She would not sell Barbie and family dolls.  I asked her why.  She said trying to be accurate in identifying Barbies would drive you crazy.  The dates listed on the back of the dolls are copy right dates for the body that particular Barbie has and has nothing to do with the date the doll was made.  The country that is listed gives a range of years that doll was made.  The faces of the dolls have been names by the collectors, but there are used in many different dolls.  It is very confusing.

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