Monday, March 14, 2011

Erin Go Braugh!

Happy St Patrick's Day!  Most all of my life I  lived in Savannah, Georgia.  Savannah has a very large Irish community and is the home to the second largest
St Patrick's Day parade.  So to celebrate I have created a St. Patrick's doll display. The doll in the display is a pre-Toni.  This doll was issued by The Ideal Doll Company for at least a year prior to the Toni doll. The pre-Toni is unmarked and has a creamier coloring and a mohair wig.  Since being made for a short time they are fairly rare and command a premium price.

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  1. Hi Betty!
    I meant to sign up to follow your blog ages ago and thought I did. Old age really isn't for sissies!

    I'm not seeing the photo of your "Pre-Toni," is it my computer or did you not get it posted?

    I know you've been super busy lately but I look forward to reading more!

    Linda L