Monday, July 25, 2016

Did You Know?

Replacement Doll Parts

I love interesting facts and history of doll collecting.  The more
interesting ones I pass on to my readers.  I hope you find them
as interesting as I do.

Did you know? Mattel Toy makers of Hawthorn, CA., used to supply 
doll hospitals and toy stores with replacement doll parts such as 
heads and limbs for their dolls. They were shipped in a cardboard 
carton very similar to one used to put drinks in from fast food 
restaurants. Each tray carton contained twenty-four heads. The 
necks of the heads were inserted in the holes to hold the heads 
In the 1970's Mattel issued a booklet titled," All Is Not 
Lost", "Mail Order Parts Can Still Save The Toy". Listed
were doll parts, dolls, and jewelry replacement parts for a small cost. Later 
Mattel decided it was much cheaper to replace the damaged toys by 
warranty. They no longer offer replacement parts, but do offer 
replacements for a few items if the doll or toy has a design flaw. 
An example is if certain doll earrings turn the ear green etc.

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