Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Coleco Cabbage Patch Dolls Body Tags

One of the most read items in Doll College is on identifying Old Cabbage
 Patch Dolls.  Most readers want the original name of their dolls.  That is 
almost impossible to do as so many were made.  There are other ways to
get information about the dolls.

An important identifier of The Coleco Cabbage Patch Kids is the body 
tag. The body tag is a single or double cloth tag sewn into the 
left seam of the cloth bodied dolls. Some of the early Coleco tags 
were embroidered, but most were printed. Some of the tags by 
Tsukada were bilingual often in both Japanese and English. The 
Coleco tag has 1978, 1982, O.A.A., Inc., and has manufacturer and 
the country in which manufactured. Most Coleco tags read "Made In 
China", but the early 1983 tags read `Made In Hong Kong".

The Cabbage Patch Kids were made at a rate of 100,000 dolls a week 
at Hong Kong's Kader Industries. Most of the cloth bodies and 
clothes were made across the border in Mainland China.

Knowledgeable collectors of the Cabbage Patch Kids know the circled 
initials on the Coleco tags are factory codes.

For the 1983 to 1986 Kids the initials on the tags give information 
on the quality of the doll. The earliest Coleco Cabbage Patch Kids 
were KT's with "Made In Hong Kong" on their heads and or body tags. 
The Hong Kong KT's have thick hair and pretty facial coloring, but 
some KT's have pale complexions and less detailed eyes, lighter 
freckles and thinner hair.

The quality of the OK's is more consistent with distinct freckles, 
pink cheeks, and hair; especially the 1986 nylon or popcorn styles 
are considered high quality. Tags on Coleco kids with UT (1984 – 
1985} and ICC (1985 – 1986) tags are less common and some of the 
prettier dolls were made by these Taiwan factories.


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    I have searched a long time about the 1st issue dolls with embroidered tags and black signatures with no dates, but I cannot find any recent online auction, or for that matter, where to purchase one. Any ideas or help?

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