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As I cruise the internet,  occasionally there is information that immediately grabs my attention.  The information that stopped me immediately was an article stating there had been a nine foot dollhouse castle on display in New York City [December 2015] valued at eight and one half million dollars.  WOW... that is about the value of all the other doll houses I have written about previously.  To be more valuable than Queen Mary's doll house, the Farie Doll House,the fabulous Thorn rooms etc.  [See my previous articles.]  This Castle had to fabulous.  Also, I had never found any mention of it in all my research on dollhouses.  So I began to research.
WOW!!!! What a castle.

Astolat Dollhouse Castle is valued at 8.5 million dollars.  The Castle was built by miniature artist Elaine Diehl who resides in Sedona, Arizona.  It took over a year to do the concept of the castle and over twelve years to build.(from 1974 to 1987)  Ms Diehl enlisted other notable miniaturists to help with the construction of the castle and the many thousand of miniatures to fill it.  The castle was then displayed in Sedona in a shop owned by Ms Diehl until 1991 when she sold it for 1.1 million dollars and it was moved to New York.
The castle stands over nine feet high and weighs between 815 to 890 pounds depending on what is being displayed within the castle.   There are 29 rooms and it takes two days and twelve people to put together and take down the castle.
It was modeled and named after the castle in Tennyson's, Lady of the Shallot.  Since its completion in 1987, it has been continually updated with thousands of additional fine quality miniatures.  When the castle is setup and on display there are thousands more miniatures in storage than can be displayed at any one time.
Astolat Dollhouse Castle was purchased by  Lois Freeman in 1991 from Ms Diehl upon her retirement.  Mrs Freeman felt the castle was the most beautiful miniature structure ever made, in fact, "it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen miniature or not".
Mrs Freeman is an avid collector of dollhouses and has since purchasing Astolat Castle is constantly  upgrading with many unique one of a kind miniatures in addition to the original miniatures already in the castle when she purchased it.  It was put on public display for the first time in November and December of 2015 to raise money for children's charities.
I could continue with much more information, but a picture is worth a thousand words.  All the pictures that I have found appear to be under copy write so you will need to go to; and enter astolat castle view the castle.  Take your time and enjoy as it is truly beautiful.
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