Monday, January 18, 2016

Snow Babies Are Also Bonnet Head Dolls

I had to include Snow Babies in my information on Bonnet Head Dolls.  Snow Babies are small figurines that are collected alsong with dolls.  They were originally made in the 1880;s in Germany.  They were primarily made as cake toppers.  The snow babb is small, all porcelain, and is dressed in a
white snow suit that looks as though it is covered in snowflakes.  The face has very delicately painted features.  In a short time after being made in Germany Japan began reproducing them in a much lower quality than the original German made Snow baby.  Snow babies have remained a popular collectable still in modern times.  In recent years Department 52 bagen to produce them in Taiwan and is still making them today.  I have quite a few Snow Babies and I am including some pictures of one of them.

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