Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Little Women Dolls

 Last month Was my Birthday.  I usually do not make much of birthdays, but this one was a milestone.  My 75th birthday.  My husband and several of my grandchildren that live nearby were taking me out for dinner, which is a usual birthday treat.  Every one had asked my what I wanted for my birthday.  I have been very blessed to have my needs and a lot of my wants met.  The wants I still have could cost a lot of money to fill.(New car, remodel kitchen, trip to St Croix etc)
After I took my shower in preparation to go to dinner, I had some time to kill before getting dressed, so I turned on my computer and went to ebay to look at the dolls listed.  I was not going to buy any more dolls as I have been blessed with too many and have been giving them away and selling a few.  I just like to look at pictures of dolls, so as I am going through the pictures a listing came up with two of Wendy Lawton's "Little Women"  dolls, Beth and Jo.  This immediately caught my eye.  I have wanted this set of dolls since they were first released in the early 1990's.  The set I wanted consisted of all five dolls and they were very expensive.  I could not have bought even one of them, much less all five.  I usually do ot care for the newer porcelain dolls as the quality is poor, but these dolls were an exception.  Wendy Lawton is a very fine scurptor and doll designer and Ashton Drake dolls are of good quality.
The auction had only a few minutes left. So I bid on them and won the auction.  Several days later I purchased Amy.  Meg was going to be easy to find, but Marme was not,  It seemed she was available only with the set of five dolls.

                                      Amy, Beth and Meg

                                        Marme and Jo

So, I made the decision to buy the five doll set.  This was my gift to me for my 75th birthday.  When the large box arrived , the dolls were all neatly boxed,  they were just like new.  I immediatly unboxed them and put them on a newly installed shelf in my bedroom so I could love and enjoy them.  How can you love a doll in a box in the closet?

I have been enjoying them each and every day since they arrived.
I am still disposing of many dolls, but this set was worth the addition as I had wanted them so long.  The rock bottom price drop in doll prices has hurt all collectors, but the up side is the fact there are some dolls we can now afford that we have always wanted.

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday! The gift you bought for yourself is adorable, a lovely set of dolls!