Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I Have This Doll That Stinks

I have this doll; I just could not resist even though it is dirty and smells.   Ugh!. 
The following should only be used as a last resort.   
Hard plastic and porcelain dolls are very easy to clean compared to 
the rubber and vinyl dolls. These mediums do not usually absorb 
stains. The stain stays on the surface. Usually a good cleaning 
with a commercial doll cleaner will do a good job. If you find a 
stubborn stain usually comet cleanser will take care of it. Be very 
careful on the hard plastic dolls if you are using the cleanser on 
the face not to use on the painted features as it will also remove 
them. The hard plastic dolls can get a very stinky smell. I take 
and dilute to a very light solution of ammonia and water (a few drops of amonia. to a cup of water) and put as little as possible inside limbs and head of doll. Rinse thoroughly. Then make a very light solution of bleach and water and repeat process. The ammonia kills the mold that causes the smell and the bleach remove stains and residue from the mold. Be very careful in wetting the eye area of the head. Be sure and rinse thoroughly as these agents can rust the eye mechanism and the metal hooks holding dolls together. Put the doll outside in a shady area for a day with a crochet hook or a stick of some kind in each joint to allow air in to dry the limb. Make sure the interior of the doll is dry as any moisture left will cause more molds and perhaps rust over time. This is a harsh treatment and should only be done when absolutely necessary. Again, be sure your doll is thoroughly rinsed with as little water as possible and completely dry.
I have saved quite a few dolls using this method,   Use it only as a last resort.  See her pictures to see how really pretty she is now.


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