Friday, May 9, 2014

World Doll Day June 14, 2014

The First World Doll Day was established on June 14th, 1986 with a letter by Mildred Seeley. It was created to spread the universal message of happiness and love.

The day is not owned by any company, club or person and no fees, permission or obligations are required.
Many have celebrated the day by giving a doll to someone--a child or adult, but freedom of expression and celebration are left up to the individual. In the past, the day has been observed with exhibits, sales, seminars, doll shows and other doll related activities. Why not plan a special celebration in your community?
The logo was created by artist Boots Tyner and represents a child with a German bisque doll--her gift. The logo was designed for free use to promote this special day and may be reproduced..
Join in this wonderful celebration and time of sharing!

On this 28th year since, World Doll Day
 is actually on it's original date of June 14th, 2014.

Following is a copy of the   proclamation creating
World Doll Day.


  1. Hello from Spain: wow, wow ... I like to be held the day of the doll. Keep in touch

  2. Thanks Betty!! I didn't realize it. I do have a doll that I want. I wonder if I can get my son or my honey to buy it? You just made my day!!

  3. I am a doll fan and did not know about world doll day. Now I do! So glad I came upon your blog. I plan to share and celebrate......thanks friend