Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dolls In History. An Interesting Thing To Know

 Dolls In History
Early figures have been found that look like dolls dating from around
2000 BC. These figures were made in Egypt and were called paddle
dolls as they were made of wood and often in the shape of a paddle.
They were decorated with hair and rough clay beads and were 7 to 10
inches in height.  See picture below.
Other figures made of wood have also been found about this same time
in the Nile Valley. Other ancient dolls have been found made from
wood with linen bodies stuffed with papyrus leaves and embroidered
faces. They were costumed in dresses and loin cloths.
The early Greeks also made dolls with surviving examples in wood,
clay, bone, ivory and cloth.
When children passed from childhood to puberty, these dolls were often
dedicated at a Temple. There are many examples of these dolls found
in the remains of Temples and Shrines.

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