Friday, November 29, 2013

A Collectors Dilemma

Do you ever just get in over your head?  I am in so deep in so many things. Since this blog is about dolls, I am just going to address my dolls.  First of all, I have too many dolls.  The problem.....I love all of them, but there is not room for all of them.  So I have some hard decisions to make.  I have already divested myself of approximately 100 dolls in the last several months.  These I gave to friends that I knew would enjoy certain of my dolls.  That was easy to do as I knew my dolls were still going to be loved as I had loved them.
Now comes the hard part.  Letting my dolls go to strangers. For some it will be easier than others as I love some dolls more than others.  A stranger may or may not love my doll.  Is it crazy for me to want my dolls to still be loved and enjoyed.  I think it is crazy, but that is how I feel.  Maybe another collector can understand.  I have made the decision to keep all my Bleuettes.  My Toni's also I will keep.  Most of my antique dolls I will keep.
I have a child sized Barbie I have had for many years.  I need to find her a new home.  She modeled for many years a very pretty smocked dress that My only granddaughter had worn.  She wanted the dress as a keepsake.  (she is now 19 years old).  I have a beautiful # 1 Chatty Cathy, a large collection of Ideal Crissy and family dolls, a large collection of Jem dolls.  (I need to do a study of Jem while I still have to dolls to photograph)  And many many more.  Now my problem....What is the best way to sell them?  I need to get a fair price and also for them to have a good home.  I also have a few pieces of doll furniture to sell.  I have doll clothes to sell.  I have doll shoes to sell.  etc.  etc.
My big dilemma is how to sell all these things.  I don't want to go to a flea market, I don't want to sell to a dealer.  How have any of you that at times have had to dispose of some of your doll collection do it?    I normally would turn to my doll club and my collector friends, but they also have too many dolls ect.  I am probably going to list some of it on ebay and see how I do.  I hope some of my readers will have a good suggestion or do all collectors have this dilemma?


  1. Hello from Spain: I understand how you feel when you let go of your collection of dolls. Courage! I do not know tell you the best way to sell your collection, but I am sure that some of your followers will better explain the sale. Keep in touch

  2. I have had a small amount of success selling on eBay. To see whether you might get what you want for your dolls, do an advanced search for that particular doll or item. In the specifications use "completed listings."

    Another suggestion is to find a forum that is about your type of doll. If the members are not interested in your offerings, they may have suggestions.

    For most dolls the market is still down, I think. Your best selling season is right now. If you need money you may have to take a loss.

    I have collected too much stuff. I'm praying for God's help in letting go and His wisdom in what methods to use. The dolls are not the hardest category. :)

    God bless you as you continue this journey.

  3. I am sure that many of your readers have had this dilemma. I know I have had it and, to some extent, still do. Though we could do with extra cash that dolls might bring in on Ebay etc. I find it hard. So far, I've given several away to a new generation of doll lovers but every parting is a little painful and I have been happier to give them away to young doll lovers of a new generation.
    Would it be worth listing some on your blog to see if any of your readers would like to buy? That way, at least you know they are going to people who real care about them.

  4. If any are at least 20 years old, you can sell them on Etsy. Otherwise, I think ebay is the way to go. It is a very hard decision, one I recently had to make to cover some medical bills but fortunately, most are still here. I am always looking to add to my Bleuettes and Mary Hoyers.