Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Keeping Records Of Our Dolls

Keeping Records Of Our Dolls. How many of you have a written record
of the dolls you own? It is important to keep an up to date
inventory of all the dolls in your collection. You can keep your
doll inventory on your computer or it can be handwritten. There are
some doll inventory programs you can purchase or you can create your
own, however you keep your inventory, some of the same information
that should be included:
You should have a clear photo of your doll.
Assign a number to your doll and pin the number under the
Have a book with each doll listed and the dolls number listed that is attached to the doll.
List the name of the doll.
Date you acquired the doll.
Price paid.
Value if doll has been appraised and date of appraisal
How and where acquired.
Where made.
Name given by maker.
Edition Number/size
Any repairs or alterations made (new wig)
Accessories that were included with the doll (hat, bear, etc)
New or original clothing and shoes
Some comments by you. (optional)

Keeping records of your dolls helps should you need to sell the doll or 
if something should happen to you, then your family would know what
the doll is and be able to know an approximate value. Most family members are clueless
about our dolls. 
Even if your dolls have been acquired at thrift stores and yard sales, a record needs to be kept on the doll.
Dolls that are not valuable today, may soar in value in later years.  Look at the Cabbage Patch dolls.  they can be readily found in thrift stores and yard sales and some of them are easily worth twenty five to fifty dollars today.  The ones made by the  Xavier Roberts Baby Land Doll Hospital can easily be worth hundreds.  You need to know your dolls. If you have a collection of twenty five dolls and the average value is only twenty dollars each, you have a five hundred fifty dollar doll collection. 

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